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Hey, strangers! Come check out my fun-filled gallery! :D

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You've got to love all the creativity out there!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Ran | Male | He/They | Compulsive Icon Changer | Demiromantic and Zoesexual | Heart stolen by ThatOneMooseInCanada

I roleplay on: :iconaw-france: :iconaphi-lithuania: :iconhtts-lithuania: :iconhwp-france: :iconhero-yes:
I take questions on: :iconaskthirdplayercanada:

:heart: My girlfriend :heart:


Zoe, I need to sincerely apologise that it took me so long to grow a pair and tell you I was crazy for you. You make me smile when no one else can and I miss you like crazy when I go to sleep. I'm so grateful that I met you and I'm utterly over the moon that I can finally call you my girlfriend.

Words are escaping me right now and dammit I'm crying happy tears again.

Until I can stop being a sap and pull myself together, I'll leave this here... but thank you for bringing so much happiness to my life. You really make me smile.



:bulletgreen:POINT COMMISSIONS: Ask me
:bulletred:MONEY COMMISSIONS: Closed
:bulletred:GIFTS: Friends only
:bulletgreen:ART TRADES: Ask me
:bulletred:REQUESTS: Never, don't even bother asking

What does "Liettore" mean?
Liettore (Lee-eht-tor) is a combination of an online nickname I've had on FanFiction for a while, "Liett", and "Sognatore", which is Italian for "Dreamer".


Hello, world! I'm Ran. I'm a digital artist, an America, casual Prussia, and casual Lithuania cosplayer, and a certified fanboy. At the moment, I'm very into Hetalia.


In regards to watches and favourites and llamas and the like:
If I receive a llama badge or a favourite, I will usually return the favour. But I rarely give watch-backs. Please don't get butt hurt if I don't watch you back. I'm simply very hesitant to do so purely because my watch list is very long already, and I'm a serious dingbat. I usually end up watching people with whom I make friends, so if you desperately want me to watch you, go ahead and start a conversation! Don't be shy, I'm very friendly, and quite talkative. :XD: But I'd prefer it if you guys didn't ask me to watch back. Thanks!

I love to draw and write. For digital art, my current program is SketchBook Express, but suggestions for better programs are always welcome!

Fun fact: I draw with my finger! Never used a stylus or a mouse.


MY HONORARY WIFE: Kiwi-Directioner



:icongerman-mutt: :icontekeza: :icongoldenwill:
:iconxyliarraina: :iconwords-of-fate: :iconcrazycats161616:
:iconkibou-no-light: :iconcheetahfurthepawsome: :iconsolongnotgoodnitemcr:
:iconthe-bucket-brigade: :icontrunswicked: :iconkinganri:
:iconskythewolfdog9: :iconporsheee: :icondreams-and-drinks:


People I know offline:


Mein OTP:


PruCan Is My Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilku PruCan OTP Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping

(I have soooooo many yaoi ships for Hetalia, though... :XD:)


Where you can find me:
Tumblr as vritain
FanFiction as Liett
FictionPress as Flavio
Chicken Smoothie as Alonzo

My kik username is Itabbies. You're welcome to message me there, but please be sure to let me know who you are.


Well, I suppose I'll just shut up now. Love ya!


Self-Taught Artist by sequelle :thumb78032363: MY ONE AND ONLY STAMPPPP by pumpkyn
Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori I Talk To... by Stampbox It's in my head, I swear by AssClownFish
.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot
I Spell Color With A U Stamp by 02lyons British glomp by Kezel-stamps Proud to be British by Wearwolfaa
Proud to be German by Wearwolfaa
Seth Sorenson(fablehaven) Stamp by kiainne Pentatonix Stamp by CarolineScarlet Infernal Devices stamp by Darliee
Will Herondale Stamp by zodiacgal Jem Carstairs Stamp by zodiacgal
Dragon Army Stamp by Nightfoot
{Never Give Up} by Mesperyian {Beautiful} by Mesperyian {Perfect} by Mesperyian
Inspirational Stamp by Drake1
Share your joy by Drake1 Tea Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
APH: I love Arthur Stamp by Chibikaede
Don't ask stamp by izka197
APH - Axis Marching Stamp by DeBellini APH - Allies Marching Stamp by DeBellini
APH Lithuania blooper quote by Tea-Strawberry APH England blooper quote by Tea-Strawberry APH Germany blooper quote by Tea-Strawberry
Keep Calm and Ship the World by xioccolate Hetalia France Defender Stamp by FearlessLullaby
France Stamp by SansTheTroll
Hetalia Is My Life Stamp by mangakid14

My nationalities written out in fun little Hetalia stamps (Under construction):

I'm from Germany by Iloveyoukisshu I'm from Britain by Iloveyoukisshu I'm from America by Iloveyoukisshu I'm from Poland by Iloveyoukisshu I'm from France by Iloveyoukisshu I'm from Italy (North Italy) by Iloveyoukisshu


Dear Americans: you've just screwed yourselves over. 
Breathe by Liettore
Prussia can be pretty too ^^

This is what I've been up to for the past couple weeks XD
I've sort of always wanted to draw a realism "pretty" Prussia. I was going to add flowers, but I figured you'd waited far too long for me to actually post something.

"fuk u liet, get ur ass back on dA and reply to ur messages"
lol I'm working on it XD

Oh, and this was totally freehand... any advice/critiques would be AWESOME. get it?

Hetalia © Owner
Art © Liettore
Unbridled Heroics by Liettore
Unbridled Heroics
I'm alive... 8D

I've sort of been in hiding. Have a pencil drawing to tide you over until I'm ready to be back full-time. ^^

Hetalia, America (c) owner
Art (c) Liettore
The Crew (OC Dump) by Liettore
The Crew (OC Dump)
Literally 20... they're like potato chips. XD
I forced them all to smile and some of them are probably pissed. 

From left to right,

Fredrick- The little cutie. He can be a bit shy/awkward at times, but when excited, he's really excited. He has such flowy hair. I wish I could pet it. 

Adrienne- Fredrick's sister, and voice of reason. She also enjoys making him dick-shaped cookies.

Benjamin- Oooh this little gay shit. He tries so hard to be smooth but ultimately fails and just sort of spits it out. I know the feeling, Ben. XD

Ayumi- Or just Mimi. Ben's sister, and a real sassy diva. She often plays hard to get, and refrains from wearing her heart on her sleeve.


Alonzo- The poor awkward little kid, and the target of Ben's affections. He has really young features, despite being fifteen. 

Aleksandr- Aka Alek. He's ADHD, but does his best to keep a serious demeanour. 

Dante- Everything about this kid is loud. His hair, his clothes, his voice, etc. He has a thing for high tops and hair dye. 

Kai- This big, muscular guy can seem intimidating, but get to know him and he's a sweetheart with a love for puppies.


Sofija- Or just Sofi. She always has more than enough smiles to go around, though a good number of them are directed at Fredrick. 

Zoe- She was born very premature, so she's mute and crippled. However, she has a very good outlook on life. 

Daniel- Zoe's younger brother, born completely deaf. He's rather emotionally delicate, and very very shy.

Genevieve- Or Neva. Zoe and Danny's younger sister. She's autistic, and the happiest girl you'll ever meet. 


Nicolas- Known mostly as Nicky. He'd probably be a hippie if they were still a thing. XD Rather excitable but also very loving.

Jantis- Known to some as Janny, but don't call him that without permission. He's Nicky's twin. Despite being close with his brother, he's much more serious, and also a bit of a neat freak. 

Libby- Her first name is actually Liberty, but she hardly ever uses it. Though she appears to be a ditzy cheerleader, she hates it when people see her that way. She's rivals with Ayumi.

Ryan- Libby's little brother. A very sweet, caring, empathetic boy who always puts others before himself, even if it's not safe for him. He's very close with his sister.


Eira- A Eurasian girl with a secret love for Libby. She's a lesbian and can come off as vain because of the way she dresses.

Tias- The only person aside from Nicky able to make Janny willingly, visibly smile. He can be a bit of a troublemaker, though he'll behave when given enough popcorn. He LOVES popcorn. 

Kiril- A bit of a gentle giant, and very awkward, but also very emotional. He's in love with Danny, but he can't find a way to communicate his feelings. (He doesn't know sign language and he scared Danny the first time he tried to approach him.)

Vasile- Ooooh this little shit. He's very brash and rather rude, and has been in trouble with the law more than once. Libby absolutely loathes this kid, as he's been after Ryan.


Characters from Zoe down are co-owned with ThatOneMooseInCanada 

Characters © Liettore (and second owner, if co-owned)
Art © Liettore
Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes! I was unable to reply to them all on time due to some issues offline, but now everything has been resolved. ^^ Just know I'm grateful for every last one of them. Also, a big thanks to my newest watchers, who I've also been unable to formally thank; I really appreciate it! (Less than 30 from 300... wow, guys. I'm legitimately amazed.)

For those of you wondering, yes, my boyfriend and I ended things. (Please don't bother him about it.)

However, the whole thing sort of opened my eyes. My sexuality has gradually been shifting (or perhaps it was that way the whole time and I just wasn't aware of it), and I met a girl I'm crazy for. She can testify that I've been a sappy mess since I asked her out. XD

Additionally, I'll be starting some college classes tomorrow. I'd like to be as active on deviantART as I was before the fiasco started, and I will certainly do my best. I fear my style has gotten a bit too complex for me to pump out drawings like I used to, especially with my schedule how it is. XD 

Friends and watchers, I'm very sorry for not communicating as much as I should or did. You deserve much more attention than you've been getting from me. I always read every comment, look at every favourite, and view each post from everyone I watch. You all mean a lot to me and I promise I'm not neglecting you!! XD

Wow, this is getting long. I feel like I had more to say, but even if I did, I'll spare you. Thanks for reading, if you even made it this far. 

British scones and roses!
If you have a moment, please go look at this gallery:


Plummet by Skythewolfdog9 [SoR] . J o k e ' s . O n . Y o u . by Skythewolfdog9 Trump Card by Skythewolfdog9 Contest Prize || C A P P U C C I N O by Skythewolfdog9 
Locksmith by Skythewolfdog9 Static -Neutral- by Skythewolfdog9 Angel Gey by Skythewolfdog9

His art is beautiful and his characters are phenomenal. Please go take a look at his gallery, he really deserves it. 

I really want to start doing feature journals, because there are so many deserving people who don't get enough recognition on dA. 
  • Listening to: Eurovision music :3
  • Watching: Freaking HETALIA


This is a beautiful poem! I found myself moved right away, as your constant love for this person is immediately clear. I especially lik...

Demon by Aleclipze

Okay, before I get down to the real critique, I want to say that you have the makings of a very good piece. If this was meant to be dem...

Compassion by ronmonroe

Having seen the original photo, I first want to say that you have portrayed this already powerful scene very well. I commend you for yo...

I like blabbing about other people's awesomeness... Okay?

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